Reading/Spelling List 2009-2010

This is MB’s first year of reading and yes, he is almost 7 years old but it doesn’t matter as I feel he is at the perfect age for HIM to start reading. MonkeyBoy is pretty far along (I hate the word “advanced”) in other areas such as Science and Math so personally I think his brain has been happier focusing on those things until now. NOW, he is ready for Reading and exploring books on his own so here we are. *smile*.

So far our tools for Reading this year consist of the program Click N Read, beginning reader books, and colored cards that I have made with various words on them.

These are the words that MonkeyBoy is learning to read or knows how to read. The ones he already reads are first and the ones he will still learn are the second set. Obviously this will keep expanding for the 2009-2010 “school” year.

fin, foe, had, how
is, if, far, fan
goo, go, him, hot
has, his, gel, gap
fed, fat, he, her
gas, gem, gum, get
for, fun, eye,
end, dry, die, dad
did, do, dog, cup
cut, cow, cry, cat
car, are, art, can
cup, by, bye, bee,
be, bat, boy, an
as, am, at, bug
bag, ant, ax, elf
eve, emo, eel, dig
dot, eat, egg, it
in, ick, ice, jar
jet, jam, joy, kit
kite, led, let, lip
leg, lot, log, my
me, man, mom, mud
moo, mad, met, now
no, not, nap, nod
net, or, on, old

one, off, own
our, pet, pig, pat
pan, pup, put, pop
pop, pie, ran, red
run, rat, row, rib
rex, rag, so, six
see, sad, sun, saw
spy, sky, to, toy
tap, ten, two, toe
top, try, up, us
use, uno, vow, van
vet, vex, we, why
wow, who, was, way
wet, web, yes, yet
yay, yak, yam, yap
zoo, zap, zen, zag
zip, arm, add, air
age, ape, bed, beg
big, bow, bad, cot
cop, cub, cab, cob
dry, dip, den, dug
dab, ewe, elm, era
fit, fur, fog, fee
got, god, gag, gut
hop, hat, hen, hid
hit, imp, its, jab
jut, law, lay, lie
lid, map, mug
mat, mop, mix, nod
nag, owe, of, nip
odd, pad, pit, pay
peg, ram, pen, raw
rug, rip, rob, son
sip, sir, say, sat
tax, tag, tie, top
tub, war, wag, wax
wig, won, ink, ill
new, nut, lap, low
king, kin, kiss, kick
key, kid, jog, jug
job, jaw, hiss, miss

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Lapbooks: Modern Greece

This was our very first lapbook and since MB isn’t proficient in writing yet he felt I should be the one to write most of the labels in it. Lucky Mommy but I did make him write a few things a s well and do most of the cutting and/or gluing.

We chose Modern Greece because every month we get a Top Secret Adventures pack from Highlights Magazine featuring a different country. Our very first country was Greece and it arrived around the same time we decided to try our hand at Lapbooking so voila! By doing Modern Greece it also means we can make another Lapbook later on Ancient Greece. lol

We started with a regular green three pronged folder and just went from there. I think the pictures are probably better at explaining than I am so check them out and I’ll write more after you’re finished.

Okay all done? I apologize for the blurry pics one some of them but like a total amateur I didn’t use the good camera like I should have.

As you can see, MonkeyBoy learned alot about Greece. He learned about the different foods, animals, ruins, statues, islands, and even a few phrases. His favorite part of it all was of course the paper dolls followed by all the animals found in Greece. He now takes the extra time to ask me to check up on Greece in the news and make sure they are doing alright. THAT is my favorite part of this whole thing.

Obviously this isn’t an amazing post about our Lapbook but I figure we’re still learning and I AM reading up on how to properly share your lapbook so next time I should have all kinds of fun facts, resources, and pictures but for this time we’re just keeping it casual. *smile*

My little guy had fun and doing this Lapbook has led him to want to make many many more so I consider it a huge success.

I plan on adding links in this post to the resources I used so if anything in any of the pictures interested you then please check back soon. If you notice a resources of template of yours in any of the pictures then please feel free to email me so I can give proper credit. Without those who make the awesome pics and templates, mothers like me would be completely out of luck!

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Nature Journal 2009-2010

With it just being MonkeyBoy this year I figure there is no excuses for not sharing the Nature Journal he will be doing.

For MonkeyBoy’s Nature Journal this year we started with a square Crayola Sketchbook then using orange colored cardstock paper we covered the front.

Next he put nature and bug stickers on the cover and we wrote “Nature Journal” in print.

I plan on adding a little button and string to the book so it will stay closed even after he adds things to it but for right now here is what it looks like…

Posts and pics of what we put INSIDE the journal coming soon!

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Homeschooling Plans

This year is going to be a little weird for me because I will only be homeschooling my youngest son, MonkeyBoy, instead of all three heathens like usual. Big B has started college and Sis is going to a snazzy new charter school so while I will miss them at home, I really hope they both enjoy their new schools.

So with that, here is what I plan to do with MonkeyBoy but I reserve the right to vary from this list whenever I feel like it. LOL. One never knows what will catch the attention of my little ADHD child so I’m going to go with the flow whenever he wants to.

Plans For 2009-2010

Reading- I purchased a subscription to Click N’ Read through Homeschoolbuyers Co-op that we have been using and will continue to use. So far it seems to be working really well and hopefully will continue to. I have also downloaded several File Folder Games that teach reading and we’ll also practice during our nightly bedtime stories.

Writing- Since first learning about Copywork I have enjoyed implementing it in our homeschooling. With MonkeyBoy I plan on using several different sources for his Copywork including downloads, Beginning Reader books, his Ranger Rick magazines, and whatever else we find interesting. He will also be starting a Spelling List this year beginning with two letter words and working his way up from there.

Math- Oral addition and subtraction problems as we’ve been doing (the kid loves to walk around the house doing Math problems for some reason), learning about and counting money, File Folder Games I’ve downloaded, and a computer program I picked up.

Geography/History- We’ll do Lapbooks about different countries and history, read books including the Magic Tree House series again, the Time Warp Trio books and show, do some map recognition, and the Highlights Top Secret Adventures packs we get.

Science- The local Explora museum is offering 14 weeks worth of classes starting in August so MB will be going to class once a week. I think it’s a great opportunity for him to be in a class with other children his age and have another teacher besides Mommy for an hour a week. We will also be doing a Nature Journal, photo journaling our finds, doing Lapbooks on various subjects, and watch shows on National Geographic channel and Animal Planet.

This year we are also buying a microscope so we can study the various ecosystems in our area which should be a lot of fun and I hope to have MB do the homeschool version of Hogwarts School that so many friends have enjoyed with their kids.

Art- We will study several artists ending each lesson with MB doing his own version of their art, he will take a few classes at the local Art Gallery, we’ll make several trips to the Albuquerque Art Museum, do a few Lapbooks, and also various crafts (such as a Toad House, stepping stones, pet rocks, etc).

Music- He’ll study composers and music by listening, reading, and doing Lapbooks on them. His favorite thing in the world is Phantom of the Opera so we will probably do a Lapbook for that to make him happy. We’ll also watch a few musicals and he would like to learn to play the keyboard this year.

Physical Education- He plans on joining Teeball again this fall, we take walks to our community park, exercise in the backyard, and might looking into putting him into another activity in between playing ball.

Extra- I’m going to look into Roots & Shoots for him and find badges he can earn for learning certain skills. As a family we don’t agree with groups like Boy Scouts so putting him in that is out of the question. I also hope we can go on tons of Field Trips all over the place this year.

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Lapbooks: Planned & Ideas

This is just a general list of the Lapbooks we either plan on doing or might do this year. Of course, we may end up not doing some and we may end up adding more but at least I can feel a little organized this way. :)

Greece (mostly modern) FINISHED
My Body
Rain Forest
Solar System
Hot Dogs
All About Me
5 Senses
Coral Reef

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